Speaker Stands Filled With Kitty Litter? TRUE???

I know that speaker stands should be filled with sand or lead shot for weight, stability and providing a good base for the speaker performance.

Recently, I heard people saying stands can be filled with KITTY LITTER! Is this true? Anybody else know about this, or is it a bunch of hooey? If it's true, how does it compare to the traditional fill materials?
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Bombaywalla: Thank you for your reponse and your honesty. I appreciate your frank opinions within this thread. I've heard others using it and glad to hear someone coming forward with admitting its use. Kudos!!!
I am a sand/lead shot fill type of guy myself. However, it you decide to use clay, you might want to visit your local automotive store (AutoZone et al) and check out “Dri-Zit” or “HiDri” floor absorbent products. I have found that Kitty litter and others contain a litany of non-clay materials. The floor absorbents are Georgia’s Fuller’s Earth, which I believe is clay. Oh yeah, what ever you have left over after filling the speaker stands will come in handy to clean up those nasty oil spots after an oil change.
Try lead balls or marbles, but if you don't have the balls, or lost your marbles like i have, kitty litter should work fine!
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Albert, you must be talking about medical silica, that's not available to the general public without a perscription and according to the newspapers/TV stations(i trust them), they are clamping down on the states where it is legal to sell. If you have any extra, would you consider selling a nickel bag? It's been a while(what time is it?). Last time i scored some it was blackmarket, but we still had a blast in the sand. Thanks for listening. Regards,.........uh...........oh yeah, Alan