Speaker stands for Reference 3A De Capo i

I need to buy speaker stands for my new Reference 3A De Capo i. I saw that many brands like Atlantis or Lovan have two talls: 24" or 28". Which one I must buy ?
Please let me know your experience.
I'm kind of reviving this thread because I just took delivery of a new pair of De Capo iA's and need stands for them. I have a pair of Osiris metal stands, sand filled. They are very solid and heavy. Their top plate was the perfect size for my Ref 3a Dulcets but will be a bit small for the De Capo's.
Does that matter? If so, any current stand suggestions?

In general, if stand platform is large enough to support >50% of the speaker base size, and the stands provide a solid massive foundation in addition, I would expect good results.

Did you or will you be selling the smaller Refs?
I don't own a pair, but have been researching and I think these would work quite well


Good to hear from you.

Reference 3A has a deal going. When you buy direct from them, you get six months to apply the full price of your purchase to upgrade in their line. That's what I did; they deducted the full price of my Dulcets from the De Capo's.