Speaker Sugestions Wanted $1500 max

Just for some backround, I am 15-years-old and in love with audio. My current system includes Klipsch RF-3's, Shanling Stp-80 (35 wpc 4,8 ohm taps), Crapy cd player ( to be upgraded), turntable sold (had yamaha px-3) but thinking of a vpi in the near future, hk430 (using only tuner)

Now for the point. I am intresting in getting new speakers, I like my RF-3's but there are somthings I dislike. First off the highs are a little shrill and fatiging. The build quility isn't very nice. And I just feel its time for an upgrade, and I feel for $1500 I can woop the pants off my current speakers.

I Listen to Rock and vocal/ small band jazz, at moderate levels. I need speakers that will work well with my new shanling stp-80. It can easily drive my klipsch and looking for the same. I need bass so if your going to sugest monitors a sub, stands, and the speaker will have to be avalible for my $1500 max budget, even though the less I spend the rest will go towards more music. I would like to have a floorstander, just for the bigger sound and bass, but I am open to anything really. I would rather have used, for the bang for the buck option.

I also don't want a laid back "polite" speaker. I want something that is dynamic and live sounding.

Reimer McCullough
efficient, Talk to Neil. He can give you all the details
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I'd get Tyler Acoustic F2's in the floorstanding model. I love mine. Best speaker for the price, and best speaker, I've owned. This floorstander does so many things well and has a beautiful cabinet to boot. Two thumbs way up.

For $1500 I think your best bet is to look at several of the DIY kit speakers offered at madisound, Zalytron and several others. You will get much better sound for your $$$ than buying full retail or even used. Only problem is you can't hear them first, so you've got to go by reputation, tweeter type (metal vs soft dome vs ribbon), manufacturer recommendations (call them and tell them what you like), and owner comments.

Of all of the suggestions made on this thread so far, I would have to agree with the Von Schweikert VR2's. I also like the suggestion of the PSB Goldi's, but I'm not sure if your amp has enough horsepower for them.

I think I'd stay away from the Soliloquy 6.3's. I had the 6.2i's, and found them tame on the bass, and lacking dynamics.