speaker suggestion

looking for suggestions for a small floorstander to match up with a ps audio gcc-100 int amp.
price range around 2000.00 new or used
some that come to mind are totem hawk or forest or
spendor s8e. wondering how they sound with class d amp if it makes a difference at all
any comments appreciated
I just bought some Totem Sttafs that I use with a 15wpc chinese tube amp. I would prefer them to have a higher sensitivity for use with this amp, but other than that they are very good speakers and compared side by side in the store I liked them better than the Hawks. Being able to mass load and bi-wire them gives you some tweaking options. I paid $1000 for a cherrywood demo pair.
I recently downsized my speakers to Thiel 1.6's. I think they are great sounding speakers. They are a little more than $2,000 new, but you can pick them up used for less.