Speaker suggestions?

I'd welcome suggestions for speakers to audition. I presently use ADS L710s with an Adcom 535 amp and an Adcom 555 preamp. My source is a Teac cd changer. My room is 14x22x8(high) with hardwood floors but a fair amount of stuffed furniture. My listening position is about 7-8 feet from the speakers. I almost never listen at loud levels (no more than 9 o'clock on the volume dial.) Due to spouse and furniture, the speakers must be placed within 6" of one 14' wall, one on each side of a 8' window (i.e., basically against the wall, and within 2-3' of the sidewalls). I listen to a lot of solo piano music, small group jazz, female vocals, some chamber classical, and some choral. With this equipment and my space limitations, I think I need speakers that are "forgiving." The kind of improvement I'd most like is more better quality piano and less of the "boxiness" that I often hear. Any suggestions for speakers for $2,000 or less, new or used (and that would have to include stands for monitors). Thanks in advance.

Jim Crane
Check out the Jean Marie Reynaud line of speakers. I just recently got the evolution 3's after auditioning many, many speakers. I wanted something that sounded good on chamber music, solo piano, choir, vocals, and jazz. These and the spendor sp100's fit the bill. I think they strike a beautiful balance between a very involving musicality, openness, inner detail and resolution, and a huge soundstage. I felt the Spendors were very magical but not the most open and slightly restrained(in a good way). String quartets and solo piano sound "right" on the evolution 3. And most importantly for me- very natural presentation and non fatiguing, lots of hall sound and I can listen for hours.
And... orchestral works sound incredible as well- suddenly I'm listening to my Mahler and Brahms again.
Von Schweikert VR 1's are designed to be placed close to the rear wall. Good Luck!
Thanks to everyone who responded. I'll find some dealers and go listen.

Hope you all have happy holidays.
I can't recommend placing Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods, at least, near the wall. Mine started there and have moved way out, and now I have soundstage, depth and bass.

Linn speakers, the Keilidh and Kaber come to mind, are designed to restrict lower frequencies (because they are so expensive to control) and so work well against a wall. I can confirm too that the Totem Arro sounds grand in that position.

Um, you didn't ask, but a source upgrade might give you even more satisfaction than a speaker change.

Happy holidays 2U2!
Most full range speakers should place away from the corner for soundstage, solid deeper bass...while most satellites should be close to the wall for warm, rich and powerful in mid-high region...a passive crossover system does not cost much,all you need is a subwoofer and another pair of speaker cables.
Active crossover system will do more and cost more...but if you like to trade your speakers then audition is a musk.Don't forget to ask your dealer set the speakers close to the wall.
hope this'll help