Speaker Terminology

Can someone please direct me to a location/site where I can learn more on speaker terminology and what it means.
I am especially interested in becomeing more knowledgeable around the following terms.

Response, Impedance, Sensitivity, and Dispersion. Power required seems to be fairly straightforward but there are still clarifications around this aspect that I'd like to learn more on. If the power required is 100 minimum 500 maximum I would assume its mandatory that your amplifer deliver outputs between 100 & 500 watts. Not sure if it is this cut and dried. Any all help for this aspiring novice audionut will be most appreciated.

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You can try the Madisound website. They have an online forum, just like here, but just for speakers. A lot of speaker builders over there to answer your questions.
Thanks to both of you for your direction. I'll round up the book and check out the website! Thanks again!
If you want cliff notes for speaker and other audio and HT
deinitions go to audiovideo101.com and look up the dictionary, some of it is basic, but you may learn a few things...cheers