Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!

For years and years, I brought in a multitude of different speakers into my listening room, never really being truly, completely satisfied with any of them. So the speaker merry-go-round went on and on, until I finally found the speakers that put all of that to rest. Not only was I dissatisfied, I was also going broke in the process. All that buying and selling was killing me and stressing me out, as well. It was the Revel Salon 2 speakers that finally got the job done for me. Once I got my hot little hands on the Revel Salon 2 speakers, it was all over. Now, I have absolutely no desire to switch out the Salons for anything else. The Revel Salon 2 speakers covered all the sonic bases for me, truly capturing my imagination, from top to bottom, like none of the others completely did. I get to hears all the new speakers at dealers and at shows, and they all sound just awesome, too.  But, still, for my money, the Salons 2s are the ones (they’re just that good). The Revel Salon 2 speakers turned out to be all the speaker I think I’ll ever need, and will be with me for the duration. For which, my ears and my wallet thank me.


I switch back and forth between a set of the original Spendor S3/5 speakers and a set of Harbeth P3 ES2.  Both are lovely sounding speakers, if you do not feel the need for subterranean bass.

I’ve had over 200 pairs over the last 50+ years and have about a dozen pairs set up around the house now, favorites that I just don’t want to part with.  I listen to all of them at least weekly.  JBL L-110, L-220, L-300, 4350, Project Array 1400, Tannoy Stuarts, JBL DD67000, Revel Salon2, Altec Valencia, BMR Towers, Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 EX.  There’s not a dud in the bunch.  Any one of them would be sufficient for serious critical listening, but I really love to spoil ourselves with wonderful sound all over the house, several hours every day.

I've had my Thiel 3.7s since 2012 and have zero interest in changing until they break and can't be repaired.  I've also got a pair of ATC 110s I bought in 2014 from a classified ad.  They had been part of a portable stage setup for an orchestra.  They're also magnificent and I have zero interest in switching them for something else.  The Thiels excel at moderate volume acoustic music.  The ATCs excel at loud, large scale music and movies.