Speaker toe in

Has anyone heard of The Tannoy Method used for speaker tie in? I have a picture I wish I could upload showing this method used on some Acoustic Research speakers. The speakers are toed in quite a bit past the listening axis. Is there a benefit? One person claims it take the room out of the equation. Thoughts?
 I have an electrostatic hybrid Martin Logan summit X speakers.  My room is well actively long and narrow with the speaker sitting on the long wall in the listening position obviously being on the opposite side long wall. I have my speakers slightly towed in. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on whether the idea of towing or not is Different for an electro static design?
rbodner, It is extremely different. ESLs beam like crazy. There are ZERO high frequencies beyond the border of the panel.  MLs are curved to increase their dispersion a little but if you toe the speaker in to far the high end will jump off a cliff. ESLs should be aimed directly at the listening position in most installations.
Ohm suggest that their Walsh series be toed in for an increase in lows, toe out for an increase in highs.  I rotated my Walsh 5000s and found the image popped into focus with a slight toe-in.  I have always found that it is best to close your eyes and trust your ears when making adjustments.  As all things audio, your mileage may vary.

When I had my Spendors, the manual suggested that set up.  I think I tried it, but it looked absolutely horrible.  I guess I didn't think it was anything special, as I never tried it again.  But I guess it's worth trying to see if it works for you.  
I wonder if some of the very high frequencies can end up phased out unintentionally . Different source material that depends on slight delay and effects could end up cancelling out before it reaches you . The highest frequencies are short enough to basically key together and also create peaks and harshness . Just a thought . Also i set my speakers straight when this topic came up just to try it . Sweet spot is kind of everywhere now . Way more enjoyable especially if listening from various spots within the room . The sound stage is enormous from my chair