Speaker upgrade

I would like to hear thoughts on upgrading my speakers. I am very happy with my current system, but am thinking of upgrading the speakers. Not made up my mind yet, but very close. I have changed my gears recently and deciding whether to keep my current speakers or try different.
I currently have Aerial acoustics 7T, with 2 REL S5/SHOs. Aerial acoustics 7T are one hell of a speaker, and I never thought I will change them: they are very neutral and transparent, which plays exactly what you feed them. I still think they are excellent and In fact, on many forums, I have constantly bragged about them and still do, for good reasons. But I guess, time has come to change. Looking for speakers with better resolution, big soundstage, organic and sweet mids. If I can get more of everything my 7T does, it will be a jackpot. Budget is < 35K (used OK).
I have thought of Magico S5 MK2, Vimberg Tonda, Marten Mingus, Rockport Avior II. Others include Von Shweikert VR55 and Vivid Audio Giya G1. Hard to audition all, but have heard S5 Mk2 and Rockport Avior II which are close top.
My other systems include, AF strumento no. 4 mk2 amps, VAC renaissance mk V pre-amp fed by Luxman D-10x (DAC/SACD player) and Antipodes CX/S30 (server/streamer). I use roon mostly and listen vocals, Jazz, classical, Indie Rock, contemporary instrumental and the likes. Room size is 17 x 14 and height is 10 feet. I have already done all room acoustics. Cables are Silversmith Fideliums (never going to change that) and Shunyata anaconda/python, TQ black diamond and AQ Hurricane.
Hi Romney,

There are different versions of this:


Some one else recently posted another type. I make my own, as they are just 1 capacitor. 


So, to use:

Plug your main speaker's ports.   This will simplify the speaker matching, and reduce cone excursion below port resonance.

Put in before you ramp.

Reset your sub.  You'll raise the crossover point to fill in the missing section you now have.

your levels should stay roughly the same.

Speakers only sound as good as their environment allows and based on the way the upstream electronics perform.  The room is top on the list for problem correction.

All the speakers you listed are very good, but exactly WHY are you interested in replacing the 7T's?  What shortcoming / problem are you trying to fix with new speakers?  

If you must replace the 7T's and have a $35K cap on your expenditures, try looking at used Wilson speakers.  VERY GOOD RESOLUTION (!), in the right room and properly set up, they can have a huge soundstage.  With the right electronics, can sound quite organic and have sweet mids.  The downside is that low- and mid-line Wilsons are often brutally revealing of problems with upstream components.  Your components might be OK if they can handle the (sometimes very) lower impedance of the Wilsons    

The upside to Wilsons over their competitors is their excellent dynamics (use your seat belt).  That's important to classical and jazz.  The later ones seem to have sweeter high frequencies, IMO a shortcoming of their early designs (particularly the WATT).  

BUT LIKE ALL SPEAKERS, ESPECIALLY MORE EXPENSIVE ONES....   they should be auditioned where they will be used.  As in your listening room.  

I would tend to agree with "soix".  Disclamer, I heard the Rockport Atria at a dealers house and at RMAF in 2019.  The Magico's I heard were at RMAF I believe they were the S5's.  I also heard the JA Pearls at RMAF.  Granted they may not be the same speakers you are interested in but the general tone signature if it holds for a specific line can tell you a lot.  To me the JA Pearls were the "just right" soup.  The Rockport seemed a little to subdued, the Magico a little too excited in the upper end and Pearl's just kept me entranced.  I can't comment on the others except the Nola at RMAF.  I liked them but not as well as the Pearls.  At this price point you need to audition even if it involves some traveling.  Your electronics seem very adaptable to any one of your choices.