Speaker upgrade

I would like to hear thoughts on upgrading my speakers. I am very happy with my current system, but am thinking of upgrading the speakers. Not made up my mind yet, but very close. I have changed my gears recently and deciding whether to keep my current speakers or try different.
I currently have Aerial acoustics 7T, with 2 REL S5/SHOs. Aerial acoustics 7T are one hell of a speaker, and I never thought I will change them: they are very neutral and transparent, which plays exactly what you feed them. I still think they are excellent and In fact, on many forums, I have constantly bragged about them and still do, for good reasons. But I guess, time has come to change. Looking for speakers with better resolution, big soundstage, organic and sweet mids. If I can get more of everything my 7T does, it will be a jackpot. Budget is < 35K (used OK).
I have thought of Magico S5 MK2, Vimberg Tonda, Marten Mingus, Rockport Avior II. Others include Von Shweikert VR55 and Vivid Audio Giya G1. Hard to audition all, but have heard S5 Mk2 and Rockport Avior II which are close top.
My other systems include, AF strumento no. 4 mk2 amps, VAC renaissance mk V pre-amp fed by Luxman D-10x (DAC/SACD player) and Antipodes CX/S30 (server/streamer). I use roon mostly and listen vocals, Jazz, classical, Indie Rock, contemporary instrumental and the likes. Room size is 17 x 14 and height is 10 feet. I have already done all room acoustics. Cables are Silversmith Fideliums (never going to change that) and Shunyata anaconda/python, TQ black diamond and AQ Hurricane.
I am in a similar situation as you, sim. budget, room size, etc.  I run a VAC Statement 450SiQ w/ a Signature SE power plant.  Current speakers are Daedalus Athena (of 8+ yrs).  Though I am considering staying in-house w/ new Daedalus Apollos, I have auditioned/reviewed Borresen 01s, and would be very interested in 03s.  At the top of my list are the Von Schweikert Endeavor SE, however have not heard/auditioned, just from research and chats with Leif.  I am aware of the close great synergy w/ VAC power plants, so definitely leaning this direction.  
@mbump Your list is good one. I am not sure of the Endeavor SE, but review from parttimeaudiophile was very positive. They gave editors choice award. Damon from VSA is very friendly guy on email and he can be very transparent in his suggestions. VSA speakers are very reliable. As I mentioned, I have made up my mind for MA PL500II and will wait for VS VR55 deals in future. But I am sure you will not go wrong with Endevour SE. I could not see the price of those speakers. How much do they cost ?. See if they can demo or trial them to your house first ?
I have speakers that I like a lot.  I would never consider replacing them with anything I have not heard, unless it is an upgrade of the same brand.  Many of the people here have things I do not care for, and I am certain the feeling should be mutual.  Don't listen to us.  Listen to the speakers.
@danvignau I wish it is easy as you say. There are some things we know and some things we don't know. I thought, the list I started was good enough. Only with exchanging ideas (audiophile world is pretty small) do we get to know more about real world experience and also got to know some new ones (even though too many new suggestions, which is expected in any forums), which I was not aware. Many times, when we listen to them in dealers, it does not exactly translate to what we hear at our house. This has happened many times. I wanted to get some "real world" experience from people who have "heard" them, and hence the post.
At same time, I agree with your recommendation about upgrading to same brand. I wish Aerial acoustics made better and bigger version of 7t, like 9t or 10t. 20t is too outdated and looks awkward compared to contemporary looks of 7t. 
Wilson’s with the latest soft dome tweeter are what you’d want in that brand. The DAW or Yvette bought used would probably fit your bill. However I would also take a listen to Magnepan if you have the room for them. I think 10k and downward would get the job done if you have the space.