Speaker Upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my speakers in the used market. I am considering The B&W 803D, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Dynaudio Confidence C-2, and Usher BE - 10.
The room is 20x20 with 18' ceilings. They will be mains in a 5.1 set up for SACD's, audio Dvd's and home theater. They will also be used when 2 channel listening. The amp is The Emotive XPA5 at 200x5.
Your input will be greatly appreciated!
I am a big fan of Dynaudio as well Contour S1.4 and S5.4. Their complete line up is very very good and will integrate well with each other. The also make a sub that will compliment the lowest bass for home theater and large scale works. A great pairing. Try to listen for yourself if possible.
Thanks for your input. So far I have listened to the B & W 804D, The Dyno C2, Dyno 3.2 Contour and Paradigm S6. I really liked the C2 and so far the only one that I would consider a huge upgrade over my current B & W Matix 803's. My wife and I agreed that the sound was superior on the C2's and we also love the look. The 803D's were not in stock, hoping they will come in. Tomorrow we are going to listen to the Sonus Fabers. I have read great reviews of the Ushers however have nowhere to audition them in my area. Also was impressed with the Vandersteen CE2 that together with an integrated tube amp was far superior to the paradigm S6's that we auditioned in store # 2 in our opinion. Great sound for a $2000 speaker. We won't consider the Vandy's due to the cloth socks and the fact that we have cats.
A few members suggested a two channel integrated or pre with home theater by pass with a great two channel amp as a necessary investment prior to upgrading the speakers.
I am looking to purchase used here on Audiogon.
Don't you feel kinda' bad going to stores and auditioning speakers, and then buying used here?
Why not consider the Vandersteen Quatro Woods at your price point? That would help you avoid the cat/sock issue, and give you a great pair of speakers with their own integrated subs.
I do feel bad going to stores to audition speakers however I can't think of any other way to listen to that variety of speakers. Any suggestions?

The place that handles the Vandersteen's I think are discontinuing the line. They pushed us away from them and all they stocked were the CE2. They were shocked when we told them how much we liked them. I rarely see the Vandy woods for sale used and would like to listen to them prior to purchasing. That being said I would surely consider them.

I have owned my present speakers for the better part of 20 years so I want to make the best choice possible.

Thanks for the responses.