Speaker Upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my speakers in the used market. I am considering The B&W 803D, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Dynaudio Confidence C-2, and Usher BE - 10.
The room is 20x20 with 18' ceilings. They will be mains in a 5.1 set up for SACD's, audio Dvd's and home theater. They will also be used when 2 channel listening. The amp is The Emotive XPA5 at 200x5.
Your input will be greatly appreciated!
I go to shows, listen to other's systems, etc. If I go to a shop to audition gear, I go with intention of buying if I like the gear. I don't try to compare the prices of new gear from those with overhead to the prices of used gear from those that don't have the same overhead. If buy used gear and like it, I keep it, if I don't like it, I sell it. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated.
Taters Yes I use a Rel B3. Really sounds great.

Pkelly1504 I would ask to hear some speakers and once you ask the price you can always ask about pre owned or demo.
Xti16, wouldn't it be more honest to ask about pre owned or demo pieces first, if that's what your in the market for?
I own a retail store. People looking with no intention of buying is part of the reality of retail. We treat every visitor as a potential buyer. You never know, they may tell their friends they were treated well or they may come back and buy something later. There is no harm in shopping whether your buying or not thats what were there for. Internet commerce is the new reality of retail and its our job as retailers to make shopping at brick & mortar a comparable value. I'd go for the Ushers.
Unsound - Not necessarily in my opinion. The reason is when I was speaker shopping and first heard the C1's I was floored by the price meaning I was looking to spent about 1/2 the MSRP. I knew absolutely nothing about Dynaudio prior to that day especially pricing. I told the dealer I need at least another year to save unless he knew of a customer that wanted to upgrade or even 'B' stock. He told me he would ask around. About 2 weeks later he told me he had a 'A' stock at 'B' stock price. We split the difference and I was able to buy new from an authorized dealer.

Now since I had first demo'ed the C1's there was 1 sold pair on A'gon. Kept looking but nothing before he called. I pulled the trigger - got them and yes there were a couple of pair on A'gon shortly thereafter. The point is I found and established a good business relationship with this dealer. I get a great price on new equipment but most importantly service like I never thought existed. NO PRESSURE - in home demos with delivery and pick up. In fact he let me demo in my home for 9 days a pair of C2's. They were too much for my room. He picked them up and said thanks. I asked why he was thanking me and he said if they don't work in your room they may never. You need what you think sounds best and in my case it was the C1's. He loaned me his CDP when mine (bought elsewhere) needed to be sent in for service. I'll admit his prices were just a little higher than A'gon used prices but should there be a problem he is right there. His upgrade policy is simple. Should you ever decide to upgrade he will take what you paid (less taxes) and that's your trade in value. So it was really a no brainer to jump on the signatures when they came out.

No other dealer I've been to in 36 years ever treated me so good. I would rather pay a bit more than used and get new with the service I get. Great peace of mind.

I'll also admit I found the 'holy grail' of dealers and they are very very few in the world. So by inquiring about what you really want without mentioning a price range it may work out.