Speaker Upgrade ... Please Help Me

1st post on Audiogon so be gentle :)

I want to upgrade from my Paradigm 85F speakers. My headend  is the Gold Note DS-10 Plus Streamer\Dac\Preamp (with PSU-10 power supply) feeding into a Coda 8 amplifier. I listen mostly to Tidal but have a Marantz ND8006 if I want to listen to CD's. My room isn't great, "L" shaped with the speakers at the corner. It's 9.5" x 24" with 8.5" ceiling (open room beside). One speaker has no wall beside it and the other a window which I put a thick blackout curtain to reduce reflections. There are large rugs in all 3 sections. I have 3" x 3" burlap bags filled with Rockwool Soundproofing insulation in the corners behind the speakers. I listen to lots of male and female vocals (Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Jason Isbell etc.), Pink Floyd, Rage against the Machine, Tool, Chick Corea, etc. a wide variety for sure.

My budget is $10,000 to $15,000 Canadian which is $8,000 to $13,000 US$. I think the 85F's are a decent speaker and I want to make sure that the upgrade is easily noticeable. Do I need to save more to make a significance jump? What I want is a better speaker in all areas, tighter bass and more prominent mid range. I don't find the trebles harsh on the 85F's but then again my hearing is about 13K max. I have access to a medium amount of speaker selection but in-home demos aren't allowed.

First I listened to Opera Callis Divas, I loved the air between the instruments but I thought the low end was weak. The next was Aurum Cantus Genesis which was way over my budget (head-end was $$$$$ too) but the salesman wanted to give me a point of reference. It sounded amazing but at the same time it didn't draw me in musically, almost too analytical. Tried the Martin Logan ESL-11A and I don't think electrostatics are for me. Paradigm Persona 3F were nice but I guess I expected more. Really liked the Focus Kanta 3 but thought they were a little expensive and really didn't like the looks. The Paradigm 120H I liked too but I have a hard time buying speakers with built-in amps, It just seems like a point of failure and that I wouldn't be using my amp to the fullest. Not sure why the 120H stood out, it seemed I didn't care about the details and just got lost in the music, I also like the idea of ARC to help with the room. Next on the list is Legacy Signature SE's and maybe B&W. All the above were with different rooms and electronics except the Personas and Kanta 3.

So my questions are

1. Having a long narrow room would speakers like the Kanta 3 and Legacy Signature be too large and overpower the room2. Are the speakers I'm looking at be a major upgrade to he 85F's or I should save more $$$3. Speaker suggestions that would work with my front end are welcome but I really would like to listen to them first and lots of brands aren't available here in Edmonton.
Thanks Audiogoners
Thanks everyone for their suggestions, too bad the brands listed for the most part are not in these parts. I think I can find the Dali's, Sonus Faber and maybe the Magneplanar but after the Martin Logan I'm not motivated.
If available in Canada, check out GOLDEN EAR TECHNOLOGY.
The TRITON REFERENCE or the TRITON ONE . R. People don't talk about them much, which is unfortunate. A truly "full range" pair of speakers at realistic prices. Only come in one finish. If your not familiar with them you might catch reviews in TAS or STEREOPHILE. I think you'll be surprised
Second the GE Triton One R… I have a pair and they are truly full range and I have been very pleased with them.. 
This is interesting.  The Paradigm is a brighter speaker but your gear is tailored to temper it so I think that your system is well designed.  This means your should probably stick to speakers with a more forward sound profile.  Certain brands mentioned above (Spendor, Vandersteen, etc...) are much warmer than the Paradigms.  You may find that your system could be a but dark vs. what you are used to with some of these options. 

I really like the Kantas and the Sopras.  I think they are brilliant and would work well for you.  I am not sure how much better the Kantas would be but the Sopras are definitely a step up.  

Other options:

Magico A3
Used Magico S1 or S3s
Used Vivid Kaya 45 or new if you save ($18K USD)
Used YG Carmel IIs
Used Wilson Sabrinas or new they are a stretch like Kaya 45
VonSchweikert Endeavour e3 MK II

The most musical on this list are the Vivids and the Wilson's in my opinion but lets remember that my opinion is worth what you paid for it.  They are worth trying to hunt down though.  
From what has been already suggested above I would recommend Vivid, Sonus, Vandersteen and I would add Gershman Acoustics especially for female vocals.