Speaker upgrade question...

As of now I am running Rotel processor and an older Proton dual mono amp, I also have Parasound and Rotel amps in my home theater....I wanto upgrade my Teledyne AR-9 Towers, I have been more and more curious after listening to a pair of martin logans, my father has legacy speakers wich are nice also, I want great image with detailed sound (I want to hear all the small details in pop, jazz, classical, and classic and modern rock, and home theater may be a concern aswell...hopefully a 2 channel room is in my future, but anyway in the $3000-$4000 used or new price range what is a great option to explore, I do like the AR-9
full body sound so will Martin logans not be ideal? I know also there can be placement issues with these too..all thoughts appreciated thank you Chad
With some internal modifications to your current speakers and better electronics, you'll have exactly what you need. Whether or not you want to get your hands dirty or prefer "plug and play" is strictly up to you. Sean
please explain if you can, i love my speakers and my fiance loves em too, so im really interested in internal modifications..if you got time write me back, I am eager to hear more....thanks Chad
The ML Aeon i is a good speaker for the money. The ML Ascent i is a better speaker for more money. THey like power and need some freedom in positioning to get ideal sound out of them. Depending on room size and listening position you will want a good subwoofer with either of these even though they do have good bass response (accurate bass but not prodigious).