Speaker Wire for Popular Budget System

Okay, I bought the hype regarding the widely viewed YouTube review which recently launched the Klipsch RP-600M into cult status. Actually did twice - First pair of these I picked up are in an asymmetric, long wall HT situation and I have no gripe at all about that setup. To be honest, I have few gripes about the second pair I acquired along with a NAD C316BEE V2 integrated much like in the YouTube video except that, in that configuration, the RP-600’s propensity to transform itself into a bright/forward ear-drill-on-steroids manifested itself early on and gratuitously so until I stumbled upon a combo room treatment/tweeter-damping-with-felt/ high placement with significant upward rake that has this system sounding 85% of the way I’d hoped it would initially. My question is, what speaker cables would you suggest for this “budget audiophilliac” system to tame that last 15% of forwardness in a manner befitting of Internet-reviewer-enthusiasm heaped of late upon this humble rig?

As always, thanks in advance!
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Wire will not band aid the bright forward sound, you should dampen/treat the room effectively until you like the balance in your system for your music, once that is done then you can use better wire to pull more resolution out of your system.
Update:  Seems like there is a definite break-in period with these speakers — more so than some others I’ve used although my experiences here are probably not as extensive as a lot of audiophiles who are accustomed to swapping out speakers at the drop of a hat.  I’d been listening to this system for a couple more weeks and, very subtly and gradually, I began to have second thoughts about adding additional room treatment.  Yesterday, I caught myself pondering a very small boost to the treble on the NAD on certain songs. This morning, I took off the felt-padded grille covers and the system sounds wonderful with 95% of the music I’m playing.  It’s certainly unforgiving of recordings with unnatural forwardness but it’s a far cry from being the “ice pick to the ears” it was when I made the original post here.  Thought this might be useful info for the collective knowledge base regarding this speakers/amp combo…