Speaker wire isolators - Do they improve SQ?

In our beloved hobby we see at time all sort of gadgets and widgets and we ask ourselves, do the really improve SQ? This is the case of speaker wire isolators. More than often I am seeing on AG systems and even suggested by a reputable seller. My question to this forum is: Do they actually improve SQ ? It is noticeable? What material is used or makes this product workable?  Can I make them at home? I have seen some for sale at remarkable high price and I wonder if they are a cost effectively a sound investment? I have a carpeted floor. Please comment as you like. 
I have made several different versions out of standard wood dimensions for very cheap money.  What kind of cable do you have?  Is it ribbon or standard round cable?  If you have access to a chop saw or table saw this is really easy.  PM me if you want to see some easy configurations I have.
here are some that you can use with both ribbon or round cables and they won't cost you an arm and a leg.  if you find you can't hear a difference they still look nice.

I have cable risers on my system. I don't know if they make my system sound better but I do like the way they look compared to the cables just lying on the floor. They are the least expensive items in my system so I can easily justify the cost.