Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,

I attend High End Audio Shows whenever I get a chance.  I also regularly visit several of my local High End Audio parlors, so I get to hear quite a few different speaker brands all the time.  And these speakers are also at various price points. Of course, the new speakers with their current technology sound totally incredible. However, I strongly feel that my beloved Revel Salon 2 speakers, which have been around for over ten years, still sound just as good or even better than the vast majority of the newer speakers that I get a chance to hear or audition in todays market.  And that goes for speakers at, or well above the Salon 2s price point. I feel that my Revel Salon 2 speakers (especially for the money) are so incredibly outstanding compared to the current speaker offerings of today, that I will probably never part with them. Are there others who feel that your beloved older speakers compare favorably with todays, newfangled, shinny-penny, obscenely expensive models?



not a chance.

my room is epic, my set-up and room tuning is epic, any sort of dsp would be wasted and regressive in my particular room and signal path. no matter the acronym

Seems a logical assessment. Could very possibly  be a backwards move.​​​​​​


My Early 2000’s Gallo Acoustic reference 3.1s will never leave my home. Imaging to die for, finese, brute strength and a truly flat response down to about 25 hz.


My 32 year old Apogee Duetta Signature ribbons still blow me away every day.

I used to own Apogee. They were exceptionally great sounding speakers for the money… very worthy of much higher quality inputs than many speakers. While I don’t regret getting rid of them, they were exceptional. The baby grand and grand… even more so.