Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,

I attend High End Audio Shows whenever I get a chance.  I also regularly visit several of my local High End Audio parlors, so I get to hear quite a few different speaker brands all the time.  And these speakers are also at various price points. Of course, the new speakers with their current technology sound totally incredible. However, I strongly feel that my beloved Revel Salon 2 speakers, which have been around for over ten years, still sound just as good or even better than the vast majority of the newer speakers that I get a chance to hear or audition in todays market.  And that goes for speakers at, or well above the Salon 2s price point. I feel that my Revel Salon 2 speakers (especially for the money) are so incredibly outstanding compared to the current speaker offerings of today, that I will probably never part with them. Are there others who feel that your beloved older speakers compare favorably with todays, newfangled, shinny-penny, obscenely expensive models?


I love my Paradigm Reference Studio 40s. V.2 is the sweet spot IMHO.  Made around the year 2000. l like them so much, I bought a second pair, they are the headliners of my two primary systems. Oh, and they sound much better when bi-wired.  YMMV.  Enjoy the music.

MBL-101 one of the top  few full range speakers ever made 

stilll exceptional when setup properly.


anther is the Infinity IRS  dual panels per speaker 


Couldn't agree with you more. I have managed to incorporate almost every model of Dunlavy(s) in the various systems throughout the house. I have been to several Audio Shows and there are a lot of impressive speakers. Many do some things better, but it's hard to find any that does everything as well. 


The Altec Lancing Voice of the theater speakers are used in the reverb chambers under Capitol Records in LA. 

illaherman: I read of your recent listening experience, which included a pair of Spender Classic 200TI speakers. I have heard the Spender Classic 200TI speakers on several occasions and they are highly capable and outstanding sounding speakers indeed. However, although more expensive then the Revel Salon 2s, I do believe that, from top-to-bottom, the Revel Salon 2 speakers are superior in every way, which includes it’s superior build quality, detail and transparency (Revel Salons true beryllium tweeters), dynamics, bass impact and extension, etc. If you think you’re hearing less detail from your Revel Salon 2 speakers than what you heard out of the Spender Classic 200TI speakers you heard at the audio store, then the deficiency in detail, I’m positive, doesn’t lay with the Salon 2 speakers. I would reevaluate my cabling and components if I were you. Happy listening!!!