Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,

I attend High End Audio Shows whenever I get a chance.  I also regularly visit several of my local High End Audio parlors, so I get to hear quite a few different speaker brands all the time.  And these speakers are also at various price points. Of course, the new speakers with their current technology sound totally incredible. However, I strongly feel that my beloved Revel Salon 2 speakers, which have been around for over ten years, still sound just as good or even better than the vast majority of the newer speakers that I get a chance to hear or audition in todays market.  And that goes for speakers at, or well above the Salon 2s price point. I feel that my Revel Salon 2 speakers (especially for the money) are so incredibly outstanding compared to the current speaker offerings of today, that I will probably never part with them. Are there others who feel that your beloved older speakers compare favorably with todays, newfangled, shinny-penny, obscenely expensive models?


Two models I don't see mentioned are The ESS AMT series (1A, B,C,D) and the Rogers Studio Ones. Completely different designs that both produce outstanding sound. I'm especially fond of the ESS. A friend of mine still has his from the mid 1970s. He's replaced drivers one them and they still sound fantastic. Sadly his electronics aren't the greatest. Having tubes drive these speakers makes them mind blowing.

Hello KennyMacc. 

I have two sets of speakers I wouldn't trade for anything. the newest set is a pair of Theil CS3.5's; the second is a pair of Altec Lansing Voice of the Theaters. I love them both but the Altec's I've had since high school 55 years ago. I can't believe I've have made all the relocations in my life with these monsters, but they sound so good I couldn't part with them. In fact, now that I'm nearing the latter part of my lifespan it occurs to me, I may end up like Jacob Marley chained to these monsters for the rest of eternity. I find solace in the idea that at least I'll have the equipment to listen to some really outstanding music. perhaps there are some speakers out there that sound better than these, but I can't imagine they'd be appreciably better.

At least not to my ears.



The Salons 2 are a keeper. 


I might recommend you play around with the Rythmic's placement and especially crossover setting. Sometime setting the point too high muddies up the detail full range. On my speaker the rolloff point is 40Hz (f3) so I setting the cover in that region. Turning the woofer volume down can help.

This is not to say Mike’s room does not sound good but he does stubbornly refuse to make it sound better


not doing dsp is not refusing to make things better; you are blind to a different approach. after building the room and taking 11 years refining it, i then put enormous sweat equity for 9 months tuning the room and making my room sound better.

you are blinded and maybe offended by my investment in gear, and ignore all the work i’ve done. that is not fair. come listen, then form your opinion. many have.

we don't have to agree. i don't question that you have a great room and performance. if you say you do, then why would i question it?

I’m still loving my 30 year old a/d/s L1290 that have been completely refreshed with original parts. I have a nice pair of a/d/s sat5 bookshelf in storage. 

cheers. -