Speakers: all-time worst

What is the all-time worst (home audio speaker systems, not the plastic cabinets or ceiling types) loudspeaker system that you have heard, and why? In other words, the all-time worst value.
Jimiverson, I agree about Wilson speakers, but haven't heard the Slams. The Watt Puppys sounded like that to me, though, and with a dark sounding tube amp, too!
Great laffs guys.ButI guess it is time for me to come out of the closet and fes up.Had 901's in 71 or there abouts Went directly to amt 1b (heil tweter) George Bush should hire the bozo oops bose marketing director.Even back then the hipe sucked me in,and ya,I used to wet my pants repetedly,Hey I was only 6mos.old at the time.Hey gotta go; gotta check out some sites for a good price on my snake oil refill
Guys, if you think that Cervin-Wega or Bose speakers are worst, means you've never heard Jenssen. I bet coffin with two buckets can sound better.
Their is no way in hell that bose stuff can compete with the speakers in my sisters panasonic mini system, i mean a peace of tin foil would sound better than them. They have only one thing excesive boomy bass, but i geuss that sells. but i have not heard bose to compare
I agree with some of the above post's.The bose 901 is the worst sounding expensive speaker I have ever heard.