Speakers and a fireplace heat?

So I am thinking of moving my system into another room, but it has a fireplace and I would like to use the fireplace.

This might seem like a dumb question, but I have never considered it and it seems like it would be bad, but how far from the fireplace should speakers be?

I am not speaking of acoustics, but of the heat or long term effects.
So the heat in the room if they are 4-5' from the fireplace won't dry out the cones or anything?
it is room temperature...as if you have any other kind of heat(air,water etc) so if you do not "overcook" the room you should be OK.
If the sides of the speakers are warm from fireplace or just sun radiation it is not optimal. My concern would be with ferrofluid widely used in tweeters but sometimes even in midrange (my speakers have 6 1/2 midrange drivers using ferrofluid as a suspension). When ferrofluid dries out (temperature speeds up the process) it has to be replaced. It can be done but it is hard to find proper people for the job.