Speakers and glue......

Hi Guys, I am going to need some speakers, monitors or floorstanding to be used in a humid climate near the sea. This type of climate wreaks havoc with gear and especially anything that relies on glue. I guess Magnepans are out of the question because of this. Do any of you have any suggestions on speakers that aren't reliant on glue?

seems like they are mostly metal. I also recall that there were some Lucite or acrylic models out there. I recall seeing some show report that had a clear glass or plastic cabinet with only electronics and drivers installed. that should work a treat as well. bit of Windex and bang-zoom!
Hey, if budget isn't an issue, what about Wilson's? They definitely aren't wood.

I've used commercial EV and Infinities outdoors for many years without any problems. They sound good but aren't "high fidelity".
If money isn't an issue, the Anat Reference II's are made of aircraft aluminum but cost $107,000. Most who have actually had the luxury of listening to them prefer them over the Wilson's.

I have plenty of recommendations. For music only - Sao Paulo. Great city, but that is all it is. If you want beaches, great scenery and music - Rio. Better still, a little place three hours outside Rio - Buzios. This has to be the most idyllic place on earth. Twenty three beaches, hundreds of restaurants, good nature, plenty of music for its size and very safe. Google "Buzios" for an insight - you will be impressed.
And if you don't plan on being there with a wife or girlfriend you will be in heaven - Brazil has the most beautiful women in the world hands down!

Anwyay, stay in touch with me closer to the time and I am sure I can help you when you start to narrow it down a bit, but you won't go too far wrong with Rio as an all-rounder.

Shipo - They don't have Target or Wallmart in Brazil.

Everybody else - I prefer to buy a well reviewed speaker. I really would like big Maggies but I believe they would fall apart due to the glue.

Aluminium is starting to look good - what decent (up to about $12,000) speakers, classics if pos, would fit the bill?