Speakers: Color VS. Nuetral

I recently purchased a pair of Dali Euphonia ms4 - 4ohm 350 watt speakers. They play some music great (such as jazz, folk or Dire Straits & Alan Parsons- type music) however they leave me a little flat when I'm playing music of the harder rock variety (Dio, Sammy Hagar, & even Blue Oyster Cult). Like there is a lack of urgency and excitement with these speakers. I'm running them off of a Peachtree Grand which puts out over 600 watts per channel on a 4 ohm speaker.

Would like to know if anyone has an opinion on a good speaker with the right color for this type of sound. Price range would be anywhere from $2000 to $10,000 Msrp when speaker pair was new.
I'm not familiar with your speakers, but I had the Peachtree Grand in my system for a home audition...you can read my comments in an old thread. Have you tried other amps with your speakers?
I would see if you can try a different amp in your system first. You may be asking a bit much of the Peachtree. If you have to get new speakers, the Aerials that Czarivey recommends are a good choice. They play very loud and clean. But you may need to get another amp for them to work their best.
agree amps issue...try some more umph amplifier Krell or Esoteric comes to mind....
The Dali Euphonia MS5 does everything the MS4 does well, plus much better bass and dynamics, as it has twice the internal volume and a dedicated midrange. I have had both. I did run the MS4 with a Talon sub with excellent results.