Speakers costing range of 2500-3500 per pair

With my budget what speakers would work well with the Denon 4311-ci
Revel F206 going to be very hard to improve upon. $3500 pr list for an incredibly beautiful looking and sounding speaker. Punches way above its price class. Great matching CC speaker as well.
Source Loudspeaker Technologies 7211's. Have had these speakers for three years now and they still impress me. Added two HVS 10 Subwoofers and couldn't be happier.  
Martin Logan ESL.  None finer in the price range for imaging, tonality, transparency and detail.  All the rest are drivers in a box, IMHO

The Monitor Audios I have heard are very good, especially with the ribbon tweeters.  I would also look into whichever Golden Ear speakers fit your budget.

My main speakers are in your price range - Ohm Walsh 2000s ($2800/pr). Although they do thrive on large reserves of power, they worked fine full range when I hooked up an old Onkyo surround AVR rated at 80 watts per channel. They are sold factory direct with a 120 day return option, but you will lose the round-trip shipping if you return them. In fact. for the last three months with my amp in the shop (ugh, don't ask), I have been running them off a $500 Pioneer AVR, and they sound great.  Not as good as with my regular amp, but pretty darned good.

I am about 50/50 2-channel music and video myself. I have smaller Ohms for the center and surrounds, and Paradign Atoms for the rear channels. Although I am not as picky about my surround sound as I am for stereo listening, my system is more than adequate for film soundtracks. I have a Def Tech sub for the LFE channel and a pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subs for the left & right main channels.

There are better speakers, but there are few that I have heard in the sub-$3K price range that I would rather own than my 2000s. My complete review of these speakers is in the review section of A-gon.

Looks like the Focal Aria 936 price dropped at Acc. for Less!  $2799 for a pair.  How much can one get a pair of Revel F206 for?