Speakers "Disappearing"

I have read a lot about speakers "disappearing" so that one can't tell from where the sound is emanating. But, what about all the stereo tunes where the recordiing engineer intentionally pans the music to come from one side or the other? Can the speakers be made to "disappear" in that situation? Or, is it just the nature of the particular recording?
To make a generalization, the size of your midrange drivers has quite a bit to do with it.  I liked the tone that came from the single 10" drivers on my Zu Omens, but a cone that big will never "disappear."  I could always close my eyes and know that the good tone I was hearing came from those two drivers in my room.

My B&Ws, by contrast, have double 5" midrange drivers; on good recordings, I close my eyes and perceive musicians playing instruments in space, not speakers pushing soundwaves from two points in my room.
I listen to and have this effect every day regardless of recording or music genre thanks to "The Art of Rational Speaker Placement". My website - myspeakersetup.com for articles and more info.
Nothing scientific here. I put my Advents where the speaker cable reached. They disappear relative to distance back I am. One advantage of a electric wheelchair, precise location of the Sweetspot.
@rb61- here’s basic speaker placement steps.  start with 3ft from your wall, move forward until you reach the desired bass. Place your L/R speaker 6ft apart. Your listening chair about 6-8ft away creating a triangle. Make small incremental changes until you have the bass you desire and the main musician is front and center from your listening area. Once dialed in you will have a wall of sound and your speakers will disappear. Remember you cannot fix a bad recording.