Speakers for audio and home theater

Hi All, I am looking for speaker recommendations. Looking for speakers that will be good for both music and home theater. I would use them more often for watching TV but would like the set to serve well for music listening. I was thinking for about 2K for a set. Open to paying a bit more for a good set. Thanks in advance
GoldenEar Triton is a good suggestion IMHO
I had the same delima eight years ago as I moved into a smaller home. So I replace my Dunlavy SC lll's mains, center, rear speakers and a sub woofer with the Definitive technology Mythos ST's with the built in powered sub woofers. Worked well for a small elegant full range speaker and for two channel setup, plus they were excellent for 5.1
Get speakers geared towards music first. It must be important to you, as you are on these forums.

I started, correction, re-started my journey back into ‘hifi’ by setting up a HT set-up with speakers more geared for that purpose. Problem, I soon realized they pretty much sucked for music, especially 2-channel music listening. And, as I began to seriously listen to music again, this became a problem. Additionally, listening fatigue was a huge problem with what I had.

In a rather brief but interesting journey, I now have Vandersteen 2CE Sigs as my mains, Vandersteen 1C’s as my rears, (originally purchased as my ‘new’ mains and replaced two months later with the 2CE Sigs), an ELAC Debut 2 C5.2 center, (which actually work well with the Vandys), and my original HT purchased budget BIC F12 sub (waiting you be replaced by one or two REL’s, but as the 2CE Sigs go pretty low on their own, not in a huge rush). All that for way under $2K. More like $1,300. All purchased used (the ELAC and BIC were open box finds). I’m not recommending anything above, that’s your subjective decision, but just an example of primary speakers made for music that work well in a HT set-up.

Bottom line, good musical speakers sound better than fine to great for HT.

As I have a subscription to the Berlin Philharmonic, and listen to live performances in 5.1, the musicality of all the speakers is important to me in that regard, and it does sound wonderful when using them for that purpose. Normal TV watching, I really don’t care, but it sounds great. As do the 2CE Sigs for 2-channel music listening. Which is the most important to me now.
Interesting question and some good suggestions. I am one who believes that there are speakers geared towards home theater that are not necessarily very musical. That is sell the sizzle and not accuracy. The Klipsch floor standers come to mind, very efficient and provide crash and bang associated with movies but will not wow you listening to Mahler. I would suggest speakers with built in subs for starters, Goldenear is one and they are quite musical. That's if you are going 2 channel. I own Tekton Lores now and they do justice to both music and movies though I value music above movies. 
Thank you everyone for very good suggestions. It definitely opened my eyes into what to look for. I am starting to like Tekton speakers and they are running great specials this week