Speakers for BAT VK 75SE

I own a BAT VK 75SE, in a room 19,5'x16,4'x9,8'. I'm considering the Coincident Total Eclipse, Spendor 9e or Proac D38. My listening preferences goes to classical, jazz, blues and latin (once a while some pop). Your opinions are really welcome.
I used to have a pair on Audio Physic Virgos with a BAT vk60. (I have a vk75se now). Same size room as yours. I listen to the same music...loved those Virgo's. Not sure your budget...but used they are around $2500.
The most important thing (imo) for matching speakers with the VK 75SE is to find a speaker with a relatively stable impedance. Since the amp uses no negative feedback, it does have a pretty high output impedance. The more flat the impedance, the more flat the amp's frequency response.
I use Kharma 1.0CE and its a lovely combo with a tube front end like the Capitole MKII.

Well balanced