Speakers for Bryston

Suggestions for speakers that mate well with Bryston electronics?

Running Bryston BCD-1 CDP, BDA-1 DAC, BP25 pre, and 4BSST amp.

I tend to listen to jazz, classical, vocal and instrumental music.. and, of course, a smattering of everything else! I don't usually listen at loud volumes.

Thanks in advance!
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We pair the Bryston in our showroom with Dynaudio with great results, especially the Confidence/Contour series. We are just receiving the new Focus series and are currently burning them in so can't report on this match, but I am confident it will be great, too.
Some of the small KEF's like the 1.5 can be had cheaply and have a smooth but forward sound which is ideal for listening at low levels, which is why I used them in a den situation over Dyna 42's.