Speakers for.....every type of music?

I'm new to this site & first time poster. I am one of the guys that receives the emails every night, reads them and tries to be informed about this "hobby". A little background. I got into stereo early but never pursued it due to drumming, so I am only trying my best to keep up with you guys on this level. I have no gear like yours but keep a modest system that I have pieced together with whatever change I had. But I saw something interesting tonight on the popular discussions about a certain speaker not being a good "rock" speaker. So what do you recommend I think about when looking for speakers when I listen to everything? This is not a joke, I listen to almost every genre of music: classic, jazz, metal, thrash, world, easy listening, disco, you get the idea including vocal only. What say you fine gentlemen about my particular dilemma on your level? I am looking at used Advent & KEF speakers but will they fill my needs? I realize sound is a personal taste but in which direction might you think about?
Audioman says, "Modding gives you by far the biggest bang for the buck."

Absolutely agree.
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I agree with Tekton suggestion. The designer is a drummer himself and so am I. I own the Electrons and they reproduce drums very well. I listen to a lot of Prog Rock. The Tektons are dynamic yet have great detail without biting your ears off. Bass lines are very clean and midrange is very engaging. Kickdrums have great punch. Highly recommended!
Hey Vista

For me getting speakers that did everything came down to
1. system matching for mid range and treble, and 
2. speakers that could deliver real bass.

Starting in the 1990’s I had worked my way through Mourdant Short, Image, and  Monitor Audio speakers from silvers to golds, and my golds were lovely and I thought I had got there.
But then I built some rear loaded horns (Dallas II’s) to go with some really nice SETs that I bought on a whim, and bugger, I was hooked. The speed, presence and naturalness of a horn loaded, single driver, no crossover speaker was simply addictive.
And I loved it for four years then gradually realised i was listening almost entirely to blues, acoustic, jazz, light classical; but no rock, or metal, or electronica. And  this was because music driven by voice, or brass, or piano, or acoustic guitar was beautiful, but music that was driven by bass simply had no drive. The Dallas II’s tapped out at 50Hz.
I kept reading and watching and then one day a pair of pre-loved Avantgarde Duos caught my eye and flirted with me for a day or two. What was a guy to do. And they were everything I’d heard, read, dreamed about. 107db efficient, 16ohm, SET friendly. All the speed, immediacy, and ‘being there’ of horns. Plus two beautifully integrated 250 watt subs. And suddenly I had it all. And it was the bass that took me that last step. Deep, quick, tight, tuneful bass that also opened up the mid-range and gave me speakers that whispered with Eva Cassidy, and roared with Tool and Led Zep.
That was my 20 year journey. Hope yours is as educational and exciting.
Tool? Hmmm...in any case, a normal good system should play anything within its loudness limits. That's it. Tool, Bernstein, anything...I use a 12wpc SE into 99db efficient speakers...2 powered subs...it works for all music, as it should.