Speakers for First Watt SIT-1 amp

My favorite sound seems to come from an SET amp and single-driver speakers but I want to leave the amp on all the time and I have kids in the house so I decided to exclude output tubes.  I went on a hunt for a solid state amp with an SET sound and landed on the First Watt SIT-1 monoblocks which I love.  I'm using them with Omega Super Alnico High Output monitors and it's a great combo but I wonder how much better speakers like this can get with this amp.  I have my eye on Voxativ, Teresonic, Audience, and maybe Audio Note or Daedalus.  Any suggestions?
Probably won't be making a move on this in the near term.  I need to sell off some gear to gather funds.

For the last three weeks, I've driving a DIY version of the SIT-3 with AN K LX speakers.

The SIT-3s sit next to the DIY F4s and a pair of DIY Aleph 2.

There's also been a DIY SIT version of the XA25 ( SAS252) which I want.

After that... I might just have achieved nirvana, I think.