Speakers for High-End Digital Piano


I have a high-end digital piano (Kawai MP8II). The keyboard is in a dedicated living room with a hardwood floor, couch, chairs, windows (no drapes) and high-ceiling. The room (approx 800 sq ft) can seat about 15 people. Uses: for solo piano playing (classical, some jazz/contemporary) and classical chamber music. Requirements -- speakers that would produce warm acoustic realism to hypersampled piano sounds (i'm using Ivory II American Concert Steinway D & Kawai EX Pro). I have tested several active/powered speakers (Mackie, JBL, Yamaha) and have not found them satisfactory.

Two questions:

1. Which mid to high-end floor-standing speakers would you recommend (budget is $4,000).
2. What kind of peripherals would I need (e.g., cables, amplifier, etc) to connect the digital piano to the speakers. The piano outputs have "R, L/mono" and fixed XLR R & L.
Thanks for your answer, Duke.

I'm only looking at home use now.  For use with my Kawai VPC1, which ain't exactly portable.

I'm thinking $1000 as the top end.  Genelec seems to be well regarded and has several models within that limit - as well as a few that go quite beyond it.  But I'm open to suggestion.
Thank you for the additional information, jocar37. 

My experience with speakers for electric piano lies more in the realm of cabs that one might gig with. Your idea of Genelec for home use seems very solid to me.


While many digital pianos contain one or more built-in speakers, professional external speakers with a smooth response and clear sound are required for optimum sound quality and loud performance. If you want to enhance the sound quality of the digital keyboard you should select the best speakers for digital piano.