speakers for krell 400xi

listen to jazz and am interested in anyone with the int.krell and what speakers run well with unit...
I am using Alon I's (now called Nola) and a Rega Planet. The sound is airy, open, with excellent imaging.

Atlanta, GA
I've heard that it mates well with VS VR series speakers but haven't actually heard the combo. I have a 2250 and 280P that I use with Energy Veritas speakers with very nice results.
I'm useing the B&W 803s with the KAV-400xi and it seems to be a very good combination (High-powered amp. w/High efficiency speakers). I find this Amp. to be very neutral as well as the 803s.
I've also heard this Amp. paired with SF Cremona, Krell Res. 2 + Revel F32, all combinations sounded very good to me, with the B&Ws edging-out on detail & imaging.
Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano floorstanders!!!!!!!!!
With the Krell 300CD to go with. Superb combo.