Speakers for low power tube amplifier

I´m loocking for speakers for my Silvaweld tube monoblocks (22W with 300B in push pull configuration).
Up to the moment I used two bookshelf monitors with great results (Reference 3a De Capo i and Merlin TSM-MXr) but I want to move to floorstanding speakers. They must be easy (8 ohms) to drive with more than 90db sens.
Some contenders are:
Verity Audio Finn
Reference 3a Episode or the discontinued L´Integrale Noveau
Living Voice IBX-R2
Lawrence Violin (they are not floorstand but has excellent bass response)
I will apreciate your opinion and recomendations.
Clearwave Symphonia 72R's are probably sensitive enough for that amplifier. I am a dealer.
Coincident,Rethm,Ocellia,Tonian Labs, Tannoy,Vaughn,Sonist,Zu etc. You have many good choices available.Low power tubes with high efficiency speakers is a good pathway to natural and realistic sound.You`re starting with a very good amplifier to build a system around..
Up to the moment I used two bookshelf monitors with great results (Reference 3a De Capo i and Merlin TSM-MXr)

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on these two speakers in your set-up.

Don't know your budget, but Daedalus Audio speakers are incredible with small power tube amps.
Yes, both, the Merlins and the Reference 3As represent good option for bookshelf speakers and excellent value for the money.
The De Capo i have more deep bass and very extended highs.
The Merlins dessapear and you only hear the music with incredible soundstage. They have 87db sens. but they are easy to drive and for my small listening room 22W is enough.
Now I´m moving to a bigger listening room and I´m loocking for floorstanding speakers.
Friends, remember that my Silvaweld are push pull with 300B not SE. I also tried Silvaweld 300B SE (7W) and they are very different from my PP amplifiers.
Some good recomendations already. I have used Living Voice, they are quite nice. I might add Silverline and Devore Fidelity, Tannoy.
I use Daedalus now the DA-RMas, with a hybrid and also a 20 watt SET integrated, the Ayon Spark. They sound wonderful and are a long term keeper. They are also good value for money, though not cheap, because of direct sale. No retailer distributor to add 50% + to the cost