Speakers for Modest Tube System

About got my system where I want it, with the exception of the speakers. I do like my Madisounds AR.com and I certainly can live with them until I find a pair of speakers that let me really get into my music. Prefer something neutral, well balanced, and most importantly, musical, and is easy to be driven by my tube amp (Jolida 502A). Btw, don't feel like adding a subwoofer, so a little bass extention certainly would be appreciated. Not really interested in a super detailed, analytical type of speakers. Also like to keep the price south of a $1000 new or used. In addition, also considering maybe going vintage. Bottom line to me, is the music, and being able to get into it, without listening to the system. Btw, I have a medium/large room (16 X 23) with cathderal celings, and for musical taste, and components that make up my system, just click "system" besides my name. Suggestions appreciated, and thanks.
Hi, I would suggest Vanderseen 2Ce or if you could stretch your budget a few hundred more there are a pair of Silverline Panatella III on the GON right now for around 1250.00, a friend of mine has a pair and they are very good!
Just a thought. Good Luck
Vintage you say ??? A pair of Pioneer CS series w/ at least "12 woofer. The cabinets are of great style and they sound very nice for the era they were made in, efficient too. And lemme tell ya they can get loud. I remember my unc have a pair with a pioneer 27 wpc reciever and they rocked the house. But be prepaired to pick them up, I know I would not trust any shipper to those era beauties. They can be found on ebay like crazy and cheap. In fact maybe i'll buy a pair some day.
I would agree with looking into Triangles. I recemtly bought from Upscale Audio a pair of Triangle Celius ES listing for $3000 but bought for $1649. They are and older model and other smaller models are availabe for less. They are musical and coherent from top to bottom and go down to about 40 Htz in my room. I also have the smaller Cometes which sound wonderful but lack deep bass and are stand mounted. All the Triangles are about 92 db efficient and 8 Ohm speakers and represent an easy load for the Jolida.