Speakers for NAD C370

I am looking at upgrading to new speakers for my system. I currently have a Nad c370 and Nad 521I cd player. I know a
lot of you have this amp and would like to know what you are
running for speakers
There are so many choices out there, I am a bit lost on this
using B&W 601s3 with the NAD 370/521i combo. Sweet sounding and for the smallish size of my room the bass is quick and tight. I never turn the volume past 11 o'clock on the 370
I am bi-amping with a C370 and a C270 driving a pair of KEF Q5's, in a narrow room about 11'x17'. The NAD 541i is the CD player. I've been really pleased with the overall presentation of the Q5's through the entire frequency range, with a beautiful mid-range.

All the best.
My NAD 370 drives a pair of B&W 805 Matrix speakers via
Kimber 8TC cables with excellent results. CD's are played
through a NAD 541i. Although the 805 Matrix are no longer made, they're still held in high esteem and I'm very happy
with my combination. They cost $1600 new for the pair.
I helped my dad pick out speakers for a new NAD-based system (C370, cd/dvd, tuner). We listened to a lot of speakers,including several of the B&W speakers mentioned above. We stumbled upon a used pair of Thiel .5 speakers which we both really liked (despite having very different musical tastes). Despite their diminutive size, they throw out a big, sweet sound. They pop up from time to time here on Audiogon. Good luck and have fun.