Speakers for Rega Brio R and/or Nad 326bee

I have both integrated amps and I'm looking for a small monitor. Have the Silverline Minuets and wanting to see if anyone thought the Rega RS1 , Dali Zensor 1, Usher 520S or other speaker might be better with the Brio or Nad. My tastes are with mid-range, sound stage, female vocalists, resolution and detail. Since there are so few dealers near me I've purchased several speakers and Minuets and Paradigm mini monitors sound best, but Paradigms are too large. I think I would like the Rogers LS3/5a or Harbeth P3 sound but they are too expensive for a second system. My room is 10x 11 and budget is under $600 used. Your thoughts are appreciated.
The Rega RS1's work and sound great with the Brio-R (never heard them with the NAD).

Another option that matches up with the Brio-R is the Tannoy DC4 (or DC6 if you stretch your budget a bit).

***Rega and Tannoy dealer disclaimer***
Dana 630i are in your price range new and they are very nice little speakers.