Speakers for Roksan Caspian $300-$600?

I am looking for a pair of speakers for my Roksan system (Caspian Integrated Amp/CDP/Tuner-older 1998 model, not the new M-1 series). I use it as our main stereo and 2-channel video sound system. I am looking for something which will punch out the lower end, which I believe the int. amp is on the shy side of. I would prefer not to have to use a subwoofer if I can help it. I am trying to keep it under $600...I got the system for an excellent price and that is really all I can afford BUT if you have knowledge of the sound quality of the Roksan amp and have an opinion of a speaker that you really dig, I am open. Grazie, Jerry
Actually the Roksan Caspian has great low end. I have owned two units and the bass definition was certainly a strength as was it's authority. I compared it to a Plinius 8150i and SimAudio I-5. To even make a comparison with an amp quite a bit cheaper is a compliment to the Caspian. It's weakness is a lack of insight and transparency. It's not quite as rich or open as the better integrateds. You will do well to get a speaker that can also reproduce that bass. The Monitor Audio S1 has the best low end I have heard near the price and is fast as well. I use a set with an Exposure 2010 and they fill in the low end very well even when my sub is not on line.
Best of luck!
I heard a pair of Rega Juras today and they seemed to be right on. I heard them hooked up to a new Cyrus amp, not my Roksan, so I don't know if there is a fair comparison. The price for the Juras is right in the $800 area, hence the new ceiling price. Any thoughts?