speakers for small room

I have a small living room. My amp is an Accuphase powering some Harbeth P3ESRs and a KEF KC62 subwoofer. Sounds great for acoustic and jazz. However, I also like big symphonic works and the Harbeths don't cut it for that. I'm looking for something more dynamic and something that can push more air to give me that grand experience of listening to big works. Any recommendations? Assume a budget of $10000.




Check out the KEF Reference 1 meta’s. They will also play well with your KC62 sub.



I have the REF 1 Metas, and the bass output is incredible for such a small speaker. The caveat is that they need a minimum of 200 W of solid power to bring the bass out. I tried to power them with a Luxman 590AXII, and the little KEFs ate the integrated up. I now power them with McIntosh Mc611s, 

I'm considering selling my amp and preamp to get an integrated  with more power like a Pass Labs INT250 or Hegel H590 or Ayre AX5/Twenty


Lots of KEF REF 1 Meta recommendations it seems

They were  limited production, but I have Dynaudio Heritage Specials and they are incredible. Perhaps a used pair. For a stand mounted speaker, the bass is wonderful. Imaging, dynamics, timbral accuracy, are spectacular. And with any really terrific speaker, the better that you can put in front of it, from source to amplifier, the better the sound.