speakers for small room

I have a small living room. My amp is an Accuphase powering some Harbeth P3ESRs and a KEF KC62 subwoofer. Sounds great for acoustic and jazz. However, I also like big symphonic works and the Harbeths don't cut it for that. I'm looking for something more dynamic and something that can push more air to give me that grand experience of listening to big works. Any recommendations? Assume a budget of $10000.




I think Joseph Audio Pulsars could be a great fit for what you’re looking for given the relatively small size of your room. Here’s a nice pair in SoCal so maybe you could even go give them a listen. IMO they’re wildly overpriced and should be more like $5k max including stands — he ain’t never gonna sell these for near the $6250 he’s asking for. I’d suggest going for a listen if possible and see if you can strike a deal if they give you what you’re looking for,plus if they’re in SoCal you save shipping.

Best of luck.

Alta audio Alyssa monitors incredibile dynamicd and  and throw a huge soundstage

Reference 1 original or Metas. Not sure how they will pair with the Accuphase though. Great match with class AB Luxman or Hegel. Also pairs extremely well with Gold Note IS-1000.

I recommend the Vivid Kaya 25.  They are a small floor standing speaker listed at $11K where you may be able to negotiate to your $10k cap.  They have excellent design technology and performance as well as an elegant but unique shape.  Clarity, detail, timber, image density, staging, dynamics and micro dynamics are excellent (what you are lookin for).  Pro reviews say they project sound well into the room for their small stature but admit they are bettered but larger and more expensive speakers that will dominate a small room.  You should be fine supporting them with your sub.  I love my G3s.  Give a listen to the K25s. Note dealers hard to find.  I did not look up where you are located.