speakers for small room

I have a small living room. My amp is an Accuphase powering some Harbeth P3ESRs and a KEF KC62 subwoofer. Sounds great for acoustic and jazz. However, I also like big symphonic works and the Harbeths don't cut it for that. I'm looking for something more dynamic and something that can push more air to give me that grand experience of listening to big works. Any recommendations? Assume a budget of $10000.




I was thinking of a KEF Reference 1 Meta for A 12 X 11 X 9 (+ 4-foot closet where I put a desk and monitors). I was also thinking of Magico A1, Vivid S12, Yamaha NS2000, and some other monitors also close to $10k.

My room is treated with $700 of GIK acoustic panels, this is a must. 

I also have a KEF KC62 subwoofer. It was paired with the KEF LS50 Meta. This was a beautiful pairing, but I wanted to see if going up in price would make it even better.

Before I was able to buy a more expensive monitor, I wanted to try the new Magnepan LRS+ ($995) that people are raving about. It is a power hog, and my brute of an amp, the 100-watt Class A CODA #16, worked great with it.

The sound is way bigger than the LS50 Meta. Tons of depth and bass was shocking even without the KC62. I use the KC62, but I had to dial it down a lot compared with pairing it with the LS50 Meta.

I do not listen to much classical music, but I would imagine the wall of sound effect of the LRS+ would work great with that genre. 

I spent a lot of time and money making my office system sound good, Interestingly, I spent less to make it sound great.

I use my CODA #16 amp in my Livingroom with my Yamaha NS5000 speaker. So, I needed another amp for the LRS+. I tried a few others but was not mesmerized as with the CODA #16.

I eventually learned that the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech is what I should try with Magnepans. Roger Sanders sent me a used Magtech ($4k) on a 30-day trial. He normally does not give home trials on used gear, but he told me that I would love the pairing. After, 2 days of listening, I emailed Roger back and told him the amp is staying. What a combo.





Klipsch Forte IV or Cornwall IV.  Work great with sub, very dynamic, work well as near-field speakers when necessary for small room.

Have you considered Goldenear Triton's? Built-in powered subs so full range  Model would be depending  on your room parameters