Speakers for triode tube amps

I have a Luxman CL 38u SE tube preamp and matching MQ 88 SE Triode tube amp rated at 25 wpc. I m using ProAc Anniversary Tablets at the moment and I’m wondering how I can upgrade to a speaker that can be driven with 25 Triode watts. Any recommendations on a high quality 8 ohm speaker that is easy to drive?  I know Wilson Tune Tots are out of the question (impedance/ sensitivity issues- they were my first choice.  Not interested in horn loaded speakers.  I Love the Harbeth P3 but I already own a pair of 40.1s in my main system. Any suggestions??
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I very much like the sound of the deVore 0/93 and 0/96 speakers. They will make you fall in love with your tube amplifier....bringing our that wonderful midrange with very satisfying bass. 
Thanks for the recommendations. The budget is 10k, and they cannot be floorstanders. The Audio Note sounds interesting, but I can’t accommodate the size of the DeVores. I know I can’t drive the Wilson Tunetot, my first choice and I also want to listen to the ProAc K1
I have not heard the specific model of ProAc speaker you are looking at, but, I've heard several other models, including stand-mounted speakers with the ribbon tweeter.  I really like the ProAc ribbon tweeter speakers I've heard.  This is one of the rare brands that successfully pull off the integration of a ribbon tweeter with conventional dynamic drivers--there does not seem to be an obvious difference in the character of the sound above and below the crossover point.

Because the K-1 has a dedicated stand, to me, it is really not that much different from a smaller floor-standing speaker, so I don't know why you have ruled out floor-standing speakers.  But, I will note that several years ago, I heard a stand-mounted ProAc (I believe it was the D2R) and another ProAc speaker with what looked like the same drivers in a floor-standing configuration; the stand-mounted speaker being cheaper in price.  I liked the stand-mounted speaker more, and the dealer noted that, when you added in the price of a good stand, the two models were comparably priced.