Speakers for VAC sigma 160i -- need inputs

Hi, need inputs from the pros here...

Anybody knows which speaker is the best for VAC sigma 160i.
price range should be around 5k-15k

Im thinking of these :

1. Tannoy Kensington.
2. Reference 3a nefes.
3. Magico s1.
4. Totem element metal.
5. coincident super victory 2.
6. Duevel bella luna.

7. or something else....your recommendation will be appreciated...
I'm running my Acoustic Zen Crescendos' with a Vac 160I and LOVE the synergy of this combo...

I'm running my VAC Sigma 160i SE with a Harbeth 40.2 Anniversary edition and the SQ is simply sublime. Upstream equipment is the Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer and Lampizator Amber DAC. No room for any complaints. I've tried several well known names(Pass Int 30A and Hegel 390), and the low to mid volume dynamics of this amp is beyond amazing. So much so I ended up buying another Vac Sigma 170i connected to a Harbeth 30.2 XD and it sounds simply superb.  Both systems have a single REL T7i running, to cover the low frequencies. 

This is quite the old thread! I see I contributed a post showing a healthy interest in the Tannoy DC10A. Well, let me update: I heard that speaker and hated it. The Kensington is way better, despite using the same driver and having a less rigid cabinet :(