Speakers for vocalists

Just a short question on any suggestions on speakers that people think are particularly strong for vocal reproductions. Any suggestions are welcome.
El -- good point! Problem, as always, is determining the right x-over frequency from one cord to the other. Indeed, recent studies have shown that these differ from one human to another -- hence making the choice of spkrs x-over frequencies a very personal matter... Cheers
Gregm...Maybe God knew what he was doing when he designed the human voice. Just joking, but it always surprises me how many technical "inventions" have parallels in biology.
I have another horn set up.---I don't /won't try to say this is the best. But if you get a chance listen to the SAP Quartets.Don't have a clue where they stand with the A Gs---or any other horn but for the Lowthers;which I know well, and these make 'them' sound like toys.