Speakers for weird sized room.....

So, I've recently gotten a dedicated listening room that is 9 feet wide, by 19 feet long, and am looking for a pair of speakers that may match well with this room size.  I currently have some PMC fact 8, and want to move to something better.  I have not tried anything in this room yet.  I have around 10 to 12k usd to play with.  



Long wall or short wall?

If it's the short wall, then dipoles come to mind.  Dipoles can be placed right smack up against the sidewalls because they naturally have a nulls to their sides, but they do like to have a fair amount of distance behind them, at least 3 feet and preferably 5 feet or even a bit more.  This distance from the wall behind them imposes a time delay on the arrival of the backwave energy, and ime this is highly desirable. 


Your speakers are well regarded.  What specific improvements would you be looking for?  That’d be the key info here for making good recommendations here.

Short wall setup? Try magnepans or other speakers with narrow dispersion. Magnepans cancel a good bit of the lateral dispersion and work well in narrow rooms. 

@soix Brings up a good point. They are well regarded and about the same price new. This would be a set up for a sideways move. Trading one set of strengths for a different set and one tonal balance for another. 

Given any room, you experiment to find the best location. Once you have done that, I would decide if a different set of speakers would get you anything. Typically, for most people getting a set of speakers dialed in is a multiple month process.

Where do you have the speakers positioned currently, and what don’t you like?