Speakers good for close to wall placement

There are quite a few speakers I would like to purchase, but I need to be realistic. I will need to find some speakers that perform well when placed close to the rear wall. After that choice I can move on to selecting the proper integrated amp to drive them. Any suggestions on which speakers work well near the rear wall?
An example of a speaker that does well close to a rear wall would be wharfedale 225's 11.2's, the newer evo 4.2's...etc...all share one thing in common...a down firing bass port. The speaker cabinet rests on a plinth supported by rubber feet. The ported bass is allowed to escape in all directions. I've used and still have the above 225's and they were 1 foot away from rear wall and sounded awesome. Albeit, these are all considered mid-fi or budget speakers, but they all work well near the wall. 
Wow, thanks everyone! Lots of new avenues to explore here and exposure to a couple of brands I have never heard of. I’m really leaning toward Raven or Linear Tube for my amp, so efficiency will be a prime consideration. 
In Europe we generally have smaller rooms than in the US so many of our European speakers are designed for close-to-wall placement. One of the best higher end for being up against the wall are the B&W 804D floorstanders.  They are medium sensitivity at 89dB.