Speakers (KEF/Wharfedale/Axiom/ELAC) for my First Budget Setup with Wyred4Sound mINT

Hi All,

As the title suggests I am getting into my first setup and on a strict budget.  I was able to pick up a Wyred4sound mINT integrated amp on here and have been looking for speakers to go along with it.  I was kind of doing the check craigslist and then read a whole ton of reviews game and have missed out on a couple pairs due to unresponsive sellers and/or contacting after they sold.  Looking for some thoughts on the following speakers which I've considered buying and or other options that I might be able to find at a budget ($1000 or less) new or used.

1) KEF Q700 - Was trying to get a pair on CL but missed out due to unresponsiveness; can be sourced online around $800
2) Wharfdale Diamond 10.7 - Can be sourced online around $700
3) ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 - run for $1000
4) Axiom Audio M60 - a pair of these were available locally very inexpensively, but by the time I messaged the guy they were already sold

I have read countless reviews on a lot of these (and other) speakers, but due to not having a high end audio shop locally have not been able to listen to any of them.  Looking for some comments on anyone who has had the privilege to listen to these or others and can provide some insight.  Thanks!
Oh!  As far as sound goes I listen to everything.  Instrumentally I prefer jazz over classical, but do enjoy classical.  Rock, indie, folk, you name it.  I plan to use these first for music and secondly the occasional movie.  I would preference precise mids and highs as I can always add a sub later if its needed to strengthen the bass.
I would have got the KEF LS50 wireless (active version) and ditch the integrated. You only need a computer to use these speakers. However, this depends on your room size (can add a sub to this speaker). The beauty of this speaker is that you can easily move it to a bedroom or office when you upgrade to a bigger system.

If you keep your integrated spend some time on the site listed below and read some of the reviews and comments. You may find it valuable for the system you are trying to build..


Hmmmm interesting point. I like the aspect of having the mINT especially due to how highly acclaimed it is so that it leaves room to upgrade or try different speakers in the future. I've heard great things about the LS50s and have been told they're very precise. I might have the opportunity to hear a pair soon which I plan on trying to make happen. Just curious as to if they'd have a full enough sound for what I'm interested in. I guess time will tell! 
I would agree on the LS50w route. They can fill a room quite well and bass level is a bit more than you might expect. You can blend a sub in later on, you would have a sound that would be overall more compelling than the options listed thus far. A number of good technical reasons why solutions like these, which are fully digital powered speakers, can more so easily achieve very high performance levels at a given cost.