Speakers need to be placed close to back wall. Help

Hello all,

I want to buy my daughter and her husband a house-warming gift of a nice stereo. The problem is that the room they will probably want the stereo in simply won’t allow speakers to be place more than about 6-8" from the back wall. Any ideas of manufacturers and/or models that might work for them?

They listen to all kinds of music and I want to stay below 4K for used speakers.


Thanks in advance.


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Any single driver full range speaker (Mark Audio, Omega etc) or full range with a super tweeter (Zu, Devore etc.) work better that close to the wall.

If they are not hifi nuts, they probably would like the sound of any decent speaker placed near a wall. It gives a bass-heavy jukebox sound that non-audiophiles find appealing. The Axiom speakers from Canada will be fine. I set some friends up with a system like that, with the speakers set up against the wall and they think it’s great. .

Check out Ohm Walsh.  Size of the speaker depends on the size of the room, so if the room is on the smaller size they should meet your budget.  I bought them because my speakers need to be close to the wall and corners, and I love them.  I just got an email today that they have some in their outlet store on sale.  Otherwise they are made to order, and the wait can be months.

Any Audio Note speaker. They are designed to be close to the wall behind them.