Speakers need to be placed close to back wall. Help

Hello all,

I want to buy my daughter and her husband a house-warming gift of a nice stereo. The problem is that the room they will probably want the stereo in simply won’t allow speakers to be place more than about 6-8" from the back wall. Any ideas of manufacturers and/or models that might work for them?

They listen to all kinds of music and I want to stay below 4K for used speakers.


Thanks in advance.


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I heard a system at the Pacific Audio Fest that delivered amazing performance for the money. It's a pair of small stand-mount active speakers from Vanatoo. They sell for $599 and are driven by a digital source (USB, spdif, or Bluetooth). They include a subwoofer output, but they sounded very nice without there sub connected. These easily embarrassed systems costing way more. 

Add a Bluesound Node and a pair of nice stands and you're in for about $1500. Add a nice sub or two if you want to spend a little more. 

Acoustic Suspension design, also known as a sealed box is preferable for close to to a wall install. Even better would be a acoustic suspension design with room boundary compensation. Unfortunately, you would have to some research. I have the same issue and use Mirage HDTF LCR's but they are 20 years old. Not sure who would make that type of speaker anymore but research is always fun. 

RLJ:  My first ever serious speakers were KLHs from 1971; paired with my Pioneer receiver and turntable, it was audio heaven for an 18-year-old!  Will definitely check out the newer models.  I went on to Advents after that before sticking with ADS L810s for many years!  Speaker history is fun.


Vandersteen 2Ce models have a rear-facing 10" acoustic coupler that is designed to enhance bass response. They are designed to be positioned close to the front wall (4-10").  My setup was an equilateral triangle, 30* toe-in, 6 feet apart, listening seat 6 feet from each speaker. 

Russ, I have recently added a pair of Buchardt Audio S400 MkII speakers, and have them about 10” from the wall and sound amazing. They have a rear passive radiator, and their website says they can be placed close to the wall…..about $2,050 per pair, free shipping, and a 45 day audition period with a $100 restocking fee if you decide to return them. Worth the audition for sure