Speakers on speaker stands-isolation ideas?

I have some mid sized book shelf speakers that I use on 24” high speaker stands. I’m looking for sway to best isolate the speaker and or stand from vibrations.

The current speaker stands are filled with play sand and I have blue tack underneath the speaker holding them on the stands. The stands are located on an upstairs bonus room with carpet and foam padding underneath. 

Anyone recommend some ideas for better isolation for this kind of setup?
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Some valid points. One thing I like about the Acoustech pucks is they grip the speaker quite well with practically no damage to the veneer. When I lift the speakers off the stands there’s a fair bit of resistance - not enough to withstand a forceful and deliberate push , but enough to withstand most accidental bumps and earthquakes.

I've been using them with my Walnut Spendors for over a year and there's only the slightest discoloration where they contact the speaker. 
Vibrapods have been the best for me...and I have tried many things under my monitors with varying results.