Speakers placed against back wall

Newby needs help!

Can anyone provide some speaker suggestions for someone who has very limited choices for speaker location? My speakers will need to be within 6 inches of back wall in an appx 1000 sq foot space [family room plus kitchen area, hall]. Demo-ed the 1.6 and 2.4 Thiels, and could not belive how much worse they were against the wall. PSB Synchrony 1 did better [but cabs were too orange/red cherry].

Older Carver amp north of 300 watts/channel, so power not a problem. Have Velodyne DD-10 sub for lows.

Trying to stay under $4 grand, and need dark cherry cabs, small footprint [height not a problem] to achieve "spousal acceptance factor" often referenced in these forums.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
The 2.4 have a passive radiator (think port).

You need a sealed box with modest or flat bass and a 6 db/octave roll off that takes advantage of the wall without sounding boomy. Try some to audition some British speakers - they often have smaller spaces and they prefer a polite rather than overstated bass. I notice that two British speakers are suggested already....a good start
GURU speakers, from Sweden, demo'ed at the NY Home Entertainment Show, were remarked by everyone as being one of the highlights of the show. They are designed to be placed against the wall, are relatively small, put out tremendous sound and bass. Priced at $2k:


Have been in your boat before, although 6 inches is very close. Totem speakers tend to work okay against a back wall even though they are rear ported - with a little adjustment here and there you can probably make them work. I have the Totem Hawks about 18 inches from a back wall and they sound great. The cabinetry is beautiful as well. Although not necessarily a guarantee, try some front or bottom ported speakers - Spendor, Tyler come to mind. Also I think Gradient has a speaker designed for close placement.
I think you should look at the northacoustics.com "kitty kat revelator" near wall specific loudspeaker.
blue circle audio has new speakers that they say can be placed flush to the wall
from their site
Third, it has to be family room-friendly. This simply means that The Pennys can be placed flush against a wall, out of the way. The Penny’s small footprint and narrow front baffle allow it to blend into any room.

a bit over your price point (and getting worse as the us dollar tanks)